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Who Are the Gems Running Akalia?  Meet Lauren!

Who Are the Gems Running Akalia? Meet Lauren!

Who Are the Gems Running Akalia? 





Hello everyone! My name is Lauren D. and I am  part of the Public Relations team for Akalia. Major in PR & Advertising with a minor in Integrated Marketing Communications. You can usually find me thrift-shopping with friends, exploring the city, or doing something to creatively express myself (upcycling, diy-ing, etc.). Stick around and read my journey to become an Akalia gem!


How would you describe Akalia?
I would describe Akalia as a women-founded, women-run swimwear and apparel brand. Created with the idea that all women are beautiful gems with unique charm, this brand advocates for a fierce woman who is not bound by any stereotypes or limitations—she goes where she wants to go and strives to do what she wants to do! Bonus, Akalia also advocates for a zero-waste initiative.

How did you find out about Akalia?
A few months ago, I published a post on the Girlboss platform. I was inquiring about a position. Akalia’s founder, Beli de Sousa, responded and, as the old saying goes, the rest is history!

Why did you decide to join Akalia?
I decided to join Akalia because I like the idea of working for a women-founded, and women-run brand! I think a woman's voice and perspective is really important—especially when it comes to womenswear. On top of that, I love that Akalia upholds a zero-waste initiative. It just goes to show that this brand cares for all women and the environment.

What are you most excited about at Akalia?
Currently, we have a lot of fun, exciting stuff in the works! I’m super excited to contribute to our new launch as we extend our brand beyond swimwear!


By Lauren D

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