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Who Are the Gems Running Akalia? Meet Eve

Who Are the Gems Running Akalia? Meet Eve


Who Are the Gems Running Akalia? Meet Eve
By Eve Araujo

So...Who are you?!

Hello, gems! I’m Eve, the marketing girl for Akalia. I am from in Brazil. I study Publicity at college and I love reading, shopping and having a good time with my friends. I also love music and small cafes.

How would you describe Akalia?
I would describe Akalia as a demonstration of women’s power. Run by a strong woman like Beli, the brand shows that you can have success and thrive while still living your truth.
As someone who always stood by the girl power movement, I feel really proud to work on a company that embraces and empower women as they are.

How did you find out about Akalia?
I find out through a fellow bossbabe in my community that Beli needed help with her social media and marketing part, so I reached to her, scheduled a call, and then it all started!

Why did you decide to join Akalia?
I was really excited to work with a product business in the first place. Also, Akalia’s vibe on the luxury and fancy lifestyle seemed so fun to me, and it made me wanted to join and be part of all of this.

What are you most excited about at Akalia?
If I needed to choose just one thing, I would say that I’m most excited to see the brand grows. Akalia has so many plans and Beli is working very hard to see her dream come true, and it’s truly loving to be here and watch all of this happen.
Now that we’re launching the clothing line and everything, I see how much we can show up on social media and build a community of amazing gems who believe in their strength.
I can’t wait!


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