Hair Scrunchies: A holistic zero waste approach and a social mission.


We took a holistic approach in order to address the problem of unsustainable resource flows along with the idea of helping others through a socially responsible approach.

Reason for which we upcycle deadstock fabrics into hair scrunches and headbands. We believe not only in giving back, but also in teaching to make a change, that is why we donate to underprivileged communities, such as “First Aid” (PAM) in Venezuela.

We are pushing back against these trends and focusing more on “slow fashion,” producing clothes with trendless designs and premium, long-lasting quality. Thats why our slogan is " shop today, wear forever". Also, we use Tencel ™Lyocell which is derived from wood pulp and the yarn is created through a closed-loop process. This means that no water, chemicals or by-products are released back into the environment. Also, we use Rayon made from bamboo pulp, which is a crop grown without pesticides that naturally regenerates, this fabric balances durability with softness.