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you shop quality limited time collections. we upcycle and give back.

The first time this brand refered to me as a "gem" I started laughing, then I understood that's what I am.

They have amazing quality, and I was able to also give back by shopping with them

Viviana M.

The Brand

A holistic zero waste approach and a social mission.

We took a holistic approach in order to address the problem of unsustainable resource flows with the idea of helping others through a socially responsible approach. Reason for which we up-cycle deadstock fabrics into hair scrunches and headbands. We believe not only in giving back, but also in teaching to make a change, that is why we donate to underprivileged communities, such as “First Aid” (PAM) in Venezuela.


once upon a time... a gem found her own and unique charm...

and only after that...

she became unique, and shined happily ever after

A note from the founder

“I have a responsibility to the woman of today - to make her feel confident, modern and above all else beautiful, thats why we call women "gems". Gems, shine differently among each other such as women do." Beli, founder. In Greek, Akalia translates to “gifted” and that is what we want to achieve, a gift to our customers, a gift to society, and a gift to our collaborators.


We are a team of real women..

working on behalf of every single gem like you. Let's find your unique charm.